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  • Bakhta Prof Anglais

    mai 2, 2017 à 9:20

    Hi Adam, thanks for your participation. Here is the correction of your letter.
    Dear Adam,
    I hope you are fine . What’s the weather like in London? Here in Djerba, the weather is nice. It is warm and sunny. I go to the beach. I also ride my bicycle with my friend. Then, we play football in the afternoon.
    yours, Adam

    Your letter is good but you need to develop your ideas. You can describe the weather with more details. For example, you can describe the beauty of the beach, say that the sky is clear and blue. You can say what you do in the beach, like swimming, playing handball or surfing …
    Please, don’t make long sentences, and be careful with your punctuation. I am waiting for your correction. Good luck 😉