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  • Bakhta Prof Anglais

    avril 20, 2017 à 10:38

    Hi Sarra, thanks for your participation. In general, your article is good, but you need to develop your ideas. You also need to watch your language. Your article can be more organized. Please avoid making long sentences. English is precise and concise. You also have to watch your punctuation. Avoid addressing the reader with the pronoun “you”. It is better to use the third personal pronoun. In the beginning you need to mention your topic sentence, which is the main idea of your article. Then, you give your own opinion, the main arguments and examples that strengthen your opinion.

    I think that plenty of people believe that e-cigarettes will help them quiet (quit) smoking , (.) e-cigarettes are hugely sold for people who need to quiet (quit) to save their health, but often struggle with smoking cessation.
    However, most contain chemical nicotine which is addictive. When the smoker stops using it, he can experience depression and withdraws from others. According to many researches, nicotine isn’t good for people with heart problems. It may hurt their arteries. It also may harm the brain’s development and affects memory and attention.
    In order to quit smoking, one should choose the best way that helps him, not harms him instead. One must have a strong will and strength to stop the bad habit of smoking. Practicing sport is also beneficial to protect one’s heart and health. Moreover, healthy food contributes in avoiding the harm done by smoking. One must should patient and follows healthy solutions, not easy and dangerous methods.