• Bakhta Prof Anglais

    mars 21, 2017 à 12:43

    Dear Darine,
    thanks for your participation. Your ideas are good but you need to develop them in order to write a whole article. The article should contain a topic sentence, which presents the main idea. So, this is yours: “None can deny the fact that internet is one of the most essentiel thing that we need in our life”. You can change it to become as such: “none can deny the fact that internet is essential in our life”. Then, you start presenting your arguments one by one. You have already presented good arguments; but each argument requires more developement. You have to mention examples to make your argumetns stronger. Another thing, here you have talked about advantages. But in your last sentence, you have said “To sum up internet,has many benefits but also some disadvantages”. please decide what position to follow: whether you are talking about advantages or disadvantages..
    Finally, you have good ideas. I encourage you to develop them. I will be waiting for your answer.
    Good luck.